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Sad White Babies With Mean Feminist Mommies

The Atlantic is reviving the tired feminist-baiting question “can women have it all.” Le sigh. In celebration of this backlashtastic event, I’ve compiled some of my favorite images that are often the art in these kinds of articles: The mean/frazzled/distracted working white mom (because WOC don’t exist in this narrative) who has been fooled into thinking she can have it all by feminism. Good times.

Note: I haven’t read the piece (it’s not out yet) and for all I know is a scorchingly awesome piece of feminist writing. But the headline/art/cover is just too awful and (knowingly) plays into the anti-feminist cliche the search for work/life balance is greedily trying to have “it all.”


i’m a wallflower. i’m passive and shy, i watch people do things rather than do them myself. and i love watching people do the thing they do best. their eyes brighten in recognition, hands operating purely on muscle memory. there is no hesitation, just innate skill. it’s as if they stop existing…

Need a Native medicine person in Georgia - looking for any leads to find help


My bestfriend (shawnee/mayan/cherokee) will not see white doctors, she’s a new mom having problems with her liver.

I don’t know a medicine person in ATL/Douglasville area, if anyone has any leads please let me know!

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Touch is another area in which the powerful are privileged. The powerful may make physical contact while the subordinates may not. Thus employers may touch of®ce juniors but the reverse behaviour would be presumptuous. Men may, and do, touch women but if women touch men it can be interpreted as a sexual comeon and is a dangerous behaviour. Eye contact is also a way of expressing power. Men may stare at women and women are not supposed to stare in return but to decorously cast down their eyes. But men may not stare at other men without inviting an
aggressive, “who are you staring at” response. These behaviours are learnt both through direct instruction, such as mothers telling their daughters to keep their knees together, and through social interaction. But it is likely that by adulthood they are seen by those who practise them as “natural”.
The learning process is forgotten. The behaviours of space, touch and eye contact that are required of subordinates are then understood as the “natural” behaviours of femininity. It is on the base formed by these behaviours that beauty practices are grafted, and that high heels can seem
natural on women but ridiculous on men.
Sheila Jeffreys, Beauty and Misogyny (2005), p.25 (via ann-tagonist)



And damn proud of it.



★ oh, i’m sorry, is my self-love getting in the way of your self-hate?
★ oh, entschuldigung, stört die liebe zu meinem körper deinen eigenhass?


★ oh, i’m sorry, is my self-love getting in the way of your self-hate?

★ oh, entschuldigung, stört die liebe zu meinem körper deinen eigenhass?


I am overweight and have health issues, which are what cause me to be overweight. I try to stay in shape as best I can, but I could not, literally, “go out jogging”, due to health and disability issues. So I’m stuck. Oh well.

I think for like, 5 minutes, “body positivity” meant “loving the body…

I just wear a pair of those swim shorts made for men with either a tankini on top or a sports bra. I’ve seen teen girls doing the same (most often with a bakini top). Last time I wore that at the health club the “over 70” crowd was very approving—not many good options for women who’s bodies are not what our culture approves us showing off, when all “women’s” bathing suits are about showing our bodies off. So, I say, just pick a men’s swim suit you like and rock *that* look!







Fucking ridiculous.


While I find it repulsive on the part of tumblr that this is what finally got bugbrennan in trouble, I want to point out that if…

what world does this poster live in??? boys hardly get suspended for threatening to rape GIRLS THEY KNOW WHO ALSO GO TO THEIR SCHOOL. Girls get rape threats and have to face their likely rapists the next day in school and schools do nothing about it. How would Cathy Brennan even have accomplished such a feat of obvious fiction? Insane.